Managing Your Heel Pain

Managing Your Heel Pain

Your heels are nature’s shock absorbers, providing a cushion for standing, walking, and running. If you’ve ever experienced heel pain, you already know how it can impact your life. The shooting, stabbing pain can keep you from moving around. Your podiatrist can help you get relief from heel pain.

What You Need To Know About Heel Pain

Heel pain can be caused by stepping on sharp objects, causing a bruise on your heel. You can also develop heel pain from hard deposits forming in heel tissue, causing a heel spur. The most common cause of heel pain is inflammation of the tissue on your heel, a condition known as plantar fasciitis. There are several causes of plantar fasciitis, including:

  • Overpronating, or rolling your feet when you walk
  • Standing or walking on hard surfaces for long periods
  • Jogging, running, or doing other activities that cause a high degree of foot stress

If you have mild occasional heel pain, you can manage it yourself. You can try these tips to get relief:

  • Applying ice to your heel several times each day
  • Taking over-the-counter pain and anti-inflammatory medication
  • Elevating your feet to take the pressure off your heels
  • Placing inserts or wedges in your shoes to cushion and support your heels

You should visit a podiatrist for heel pain if your heel pain is:

  • Frequent or chronic
  • Affecting your ability to stay mobile
  • Becoming more severe
  • Not responding to home therapies

Your podiatrist has several effective treatments to help you get relief from heel pain. Treatment begins with a thorough examination of your feet. Depending on what is causing your heel pain, your podiatrist may recommend:

  • Custom footwear or orthotics to provide support
  • Physical therapy and stretching exercises to keep you flexible
  • Extracorporeal shock wave treatment (ESWT) to break up calcium deposits

Want To Know More About Managing Heel Pain?

To find out more about the causes, treatment, and management of heel pain, talk with your podiatrist today.